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7% Coolers From Canada!

Pop Shopped Lime Rickey

Pop Shoppe Cream Soda   Jaw Drop Flashing Peaches

The Pop Shoppe
Lime Ricky Hard Soda

#491308  - $2.90

Offers an explosive citrus taste without being overly sweet, with each sip leaving you craving for more.

The Pop Shoppe
Hard Cream Soda

#491290  - $2.90

Offers a unique velvety sweetness. Its creamy vanilla flavour will surely delight your sweet tooth.

Jaw Drop
Flashing Peaches

#491514 - $2.95

Bright fuzzy peach with a flash of vodka. These single tall cans are a peachy treat for every occasion!


Jaw Drop
Tickling Pink 6-pack

#491522 - $11.95

Classic lemonade flavour and tart raspberry come together in this refreshing cooler.  Now availble in packs of six!

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